Interview with Matthew Laban

Head Teacher, Kingfisher Hall Primary Academy, Enfield


Why did you introduce CK in your school?

I taught at secondary school before I transferred to primary and I know that teenagers often lack enough general knowledge to be able to fully access the curriculum. I also want children to improve their reading comprehension and this is achieved by having a greater body of knowledge.

What are the main differences you have noticed in classrooms since CK was implemented?

There is greater engagement from the children. The most stark difference is the vast improvement in written work because the stories are an excellent stimulus for writing.

How would you describe the impact of CK on your pupilís learning?

Children are far more knowledgeable and this has promoted greater questioning from them.

What impact has CK had on your staff?

The Newly Qualified Teachers have whole-heartedly embraced Core Knowledge. It has certainly improved staff subject knowledge.

What are the next steps you are taking with CK in your school?

We are now working on assessment based on the new National Curriculum and the abolition of levels. We have just implemented a guided reading scheme that relates to Core Knowledge and supplements what we already had in place.