About Us

Core Knowledge UK is an educational project providing content-rich learning resources for parents, teachers and home educators. We work in collaboration with a number of English primary schools to develop curriculum materials, handbooks for teachers and the What Your Child Needs to Know series which can be used both at home and in the classroom.

It was established in 2010 by the educational charity Civitas, which has worked for many years with children from disadvantaged backgrounds through its network of supplementary schools. Beginning with a group of Bengali children in the East End of London in 2005, Civitas now runs more than 20 schools for over 600 children in different parts of the country. Civitas also supplies more than 700 schools with resources to enrich A-level students' education on EU issues and arranges for speakers to debate EU matters at host schools.

Emma Lennard, Curriculum Project Director


A qualified Primary School Teacher with experience working in inner city London, Emma joined the project in 2012. She oversees the development of teaching materials and resources, and works with schools on outreach and implementation.

Before becoming involved in Core Knowledge, Emma taught Year 1 for five years and was a member of the senior leadership team at her central London school. She was religious education co-ordinator and ran after-school training for parents to support their children with learning to read. Emma qualified as a teacher on a School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme after working for a period in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Dr David G Green, Chief Executive of Civitas

David Green founded the educational charity and think tank Civitas in 2000. He has published a wide range of books on education, crime, healthcare and economic reform. He frequently commentates on current affairs in the media and has written many times for newspapers including The Times and The Daily Telegraph.

David completed his PhD at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He was a Labour councillor in Newcastle upon Tyne before leaving the UK to work as a Research Fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra. He later worked at the Institute of Economic Affairs and was Director of its Health and Welfare Unit.


Many staff at Civitas have contributed to the development of Core Knowledge UK resources, including Nigel Williams, Anastasia de Waal, Nick Cowen, Catherine Green, Janet Russell, David Merlin-Jones, Emily Clarke, Tilly Munro, Viral Shah, Elliot Bidgood, Joe Wright, Anna Sonny and Aoife O'Donnell.

Mark Beech created original illustrations for the books from Year 2 to Year 6. Mark Otton created the owls and Year 2 maps. Ed Dovey created the maps for Year 3. Jo Moore created the maps for Years 4 to 6.