Incorporating Core Knowledge in your school's curriculum

Are you developing a curriculum that offers carefully constructed guidance for your teaching staff, whilst allowing them the freedom to plan and deliver exciting and innovative lessons that fit with the values and vision of your school?

If you are trying to develop a curriculum that is the right fit for your school, then Civitas's educational resources can offer a solution. The Core Knowledge UK approach ensures that all children have the foundation of knowledge that they need to build their skills year on year.

If you are a free school going through the application process, you will need to develop and describe the curriculum that reflects the values and ethos of your school. We can support you through this process and offer guidance at every stage. In order to create a Core Knowledge UK curriculum tailored to your school, we provide the sequence (the knowledge-rich backbone of the curriculum), resource books for parents and teachers, and a handbook for teachers. We work with schools to help them develop a curriculum that fully embodies their school's vision, mission, ethos and values, and to evolve assessment tools that fit in with their aims.

Children learn best when knowledge is taught cumulatively: when what they learn today builds on what they learnt yesterday. Core Knowledge UK recognises that every school and community is different, and each pupil and teacher has individual interests and strengths. The Core Knowledge Sequence UK is a cumulative and content-rich outline of the skills and content to cover in the arts, humanities and sciences in Years 1 to 6. It forms the backbone of the Core Knowledge UK curriculum, which helps students create connections and see the rich and varied perspectives provided by each discipline.

The sequence gives guidance on what to teach but is non-prescriptive in implementation. Therefore, teachers have the freedom to use their professional judgment to decide how to make the Core Knowledge UK curriculum come alive in their individual classrooms while using a variety of instructional methods. This curriculum can be used alongside the national curriculum or as the sole backbone of a school's curriculum. It is not meant to outline the whole of the school curriculum; rather, it offers specific guidelines to teach knowledge that can reasonably be expected to make up about half of any school's curriculum, leaving ample room for local requirements and emphases.

If you would like more information, or would like to talk to us about using Core Knowledge UK in your school, please contact Curriculum Project Director Emma Lennard on 020 7799 6677 or on