History and Geography Activities

Activities in this section are adapted from the What Your Child Needs to Know series of books, and are meant to represent a 'taster' selection. These activities also support the content taught in the Core Knowledge UK curriculum. Explore the history and geography activities below and enjoy sharing them with your child or pupils in your class:

history and geography owl

Year 1: Geography (Your Country)
Year 1: The Stone Age and Stonehenge
Year 1: Kings and Queens
Year 1: The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Year 2: Fantastic Pharaohs and Marvellous Monuments
Year 2: Romans in Britain
Year 2: Romans Roads, and Much More!
Year 2: Scandinavian Geography
Year 2: May Day Celebrations

Year 3: Geography of Western Europe
Year 3: Ancient Greece - The Birthplace of the Olympics
Year 3: Athens in Ancient Greece - Birthplace of Democracy
Year 3: Restraints on Royal Power - Magna Carta
Year 3: The Elizabethan Era

Year 4: The New World
Year 4: Geography Quiz Time How Much Do You Remember?
Year 4: Geography of South West England
Year 4: What is a century?
Year 4: A Great Explorer Sir Francis Drake

Year 5: A Great Explorer - David Livingstone
Year 5: Follow Your Finger
Year 5: Australia
Year 5: John Churchill, The First Duke of Marlborough
Year 5: How Did Britain Gain an Empire?
Year 5: What was Life Like in Georgian Britain?

Year 6: The Industrial Revolution
Year 6: Scotland
Year 6: The USA
Year 6: Wales

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