Home educating your child with Core Knowledge

Core Knowledge UK provides a solution for homeschooling families looking for a springboard that provides direction for their child's education.

The Core Knowledge Sequence UK and the What Your Child Needs to Know series provide a coherent, cumulative and content-rich curriculum. They cover the essential content and skills in the arts, humanities and sciences in Years 1 to 6, providing home educators with clear aims to work towards by describing what your child should learn in each school year. It will help your child create connections and see the rich and varied perspectives provided by each discipline.

Core Knowledge UK can be used as the backbone of your home education curriculum or to complement the national curriculum. Core Knowledge is not prescriptive in implementation, so you can tailor it to the specific needs of your child. It offers specific guidelines that can reasonably be expected to make up about half of your child's curriculum, leaving ample room for you to cater your teaching to your child's interests and to explore additional subject matter.

The curriculum is designed to offer a solid, coherent foundation of learning that encourages steady academic growth as your child builds their knowledge and deepens their critical thinking skills year after year. The core of your curriculum is coherent within and across your child's learning each year. For example, a topic on the geography of the Mediterranean in Year 2 is taught alongside a literature topic on the mythology of Ancient Greece. Cumulatively these form a foundation for another topic on Athens and the beginnings of democracy.

For more information on any aspect of Core Knowledge or the What Your Child Needs to Know series, contact Curriculum Project Director Emma Lennard on 020 7799 6677 or email her at