Maths Activities

Activities in this section are adapted from the What Your Child Needs to Know series of books, and are meant to represent a 'taster' selection. These activities also support the content taught in the Core Knowledge UK curriculum. Explore the maths activities below and enjoy sharing them with your child or pupils in your class.

maths owl

Year 1: Sorting Everyday Objects
Year 1: Identifying Money
Year 1: How Many?
Year 1: Halves and Quarters
Year 1: Addition
Year 1: Addition and Subtraction Stories

Year 2: Dicey Addition
Year 2: How Much? Maths Money Problems
Year 2: Subtraction - Taking Away Leaves the Difference
Year 2: What is Multiplication?

Year 3: Skip-Counting and Tallies
Year 3: Doubles and Halves
Year 3: Working with Equations
Year 3: Fractions
Year 3: Measuring Length

Year 4: Rounding Numbers
Year 4: Recognising Fractions
Year 4: Comparing and Ordering Numbers
Year 4: Solving Word Problems Using Multiplication
Year 4: Roman Numerals

Year 5: Negative Numbers
Year 5: Letters That Stand for Numbers
Year 5: Putting Fractions in their Lowest Terms
Year 5: Twenty-Four Hour Clock
Year 5: Polygons
Year 5: Graphs

Year 6: Billions
Year 6: Inverse Operations and Equations
Year 6: Equivalent Fractions
Year 6: Decimals
Year 6: Plotting Points on a Grid
Year 6: Probability

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