Music Activities

Activities in this section are adapted from the What Your Child Needs to Know series of books, and are meant to represent a 'taster' selection. These activities also support the content taught in the Core Knowledge UK curriculum. Explore the music activities below and enjoy sharing them with your child or pupils in your class:

music owl

Year 1: Beat It!
Year 1: Fast and Slow
Year 1: Songs - Old MacDonald
Year 1: Songs - The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Year 1: Songs - This Old Man

Year 2: Music Can Make You Move
Year 2: Jazz Music
Year 2: Improvising
Year 2: Songs - The Grand Old Duke of York
Year 2: Songs - La Cucaracha

Year 3: Patriotic Music for Olympic Gold Medalists
Year 3: Folk Music - 'The Lincolnshire Poacher'
Year 3: Follow the Notes - Crotchet Notes, Minim Notes and Semibreve Notes (and Ways to Remember Them!)
Year 3: Songs - Bobby Shaftoe
Year 3: Songs - My Grandfather's Clock

Year 4: Gustav Holst - The Planets Made Him a Star
Year 4: Songs - Aiken Drum
Year 4: The Story of Swan Lake
Year 4: Songs - London's Burning, On Ilkley Moor Baht ’At

Year 5: A Magical Musical Tour
Year 5: The Treble Clef
Year 5: The Orchestra
Year 5: Loch Lomond
Year 5: Skye Boat Song

Music for Christmas
Music for After Christmas

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