Articles and Reports

The Independent

Cuckoo Hall Academies Trust explain why they are using Core Knowledge in their North London schools. Read.

Daily Mail

A new emphasis on names, dates and places, rather than vague themes. Read.

BBC News

Introducing cultural literacy to the UK as Michael Gove plans to incorporate it into the national curriculum. Read.

BBC Radio 4's Analysis

The School of Hard Facts: setting out the thinking of ED Hirsch and Core Knowledge. Listen.

The Commentator

Toby Young, founder of the West London Free School, writes about the "schools revolution". Read.

The Guardian

Toby Young on free schools and the Core Knowledge curriculum. Read.

Fulham Chronicle

West London Free School Primary celebrate the opening of their school in Hammersmith, using the Core Knowledge curriculum. Read.

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BBC News

The success of Core Knowledge in Massachusetts, the top-performing state in the US. Read.

City Journal

Describing Core Knowledge's success in New York City's schools. Read.

New York Times

How Core Knowledge helped enhance reading skills in New York. Read.

A review of What Your Year One Child Needs to Know. Read.