Visual Arts Activities

Activities in this section are adapted from the What Your Child Needs to Know series of books, and are meant to represent a 'taster' selection. These activities also support the content taught in the Core Knowledge UK curriculum. Explore the visual arts activities below and enjoy sharing them with your child or pupils in your class:

visual arts owl

Year 1: Colour, Colour Everywhere
Year 1: Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose
Year 1: Pancake Art (Shapes and Colours)
Year 1: Sculpture - All Around Art
Year 1: Sculpture - Make Your Own

Year 2: Looking Good - The Queen's Portrait
Year 2: People Have Been Making Art for a Very Long Time - Ancient Egyptian Art
Year 2: A World of Colour - Claude Monet's 'Beach at Trouville'
Year 2: Texture - Oh, What a Feeling!
Year 2: Make Your Own Mural: Chalk it Up

Year 3: Lines and Movement - The Great Wave off Kanagawa
Year 3: Lines and Symmetry - Last Supper
Year 3: Mythology - Apollo and Daphne
Year 3: A Building of Lines - The Parthenon
Year 3: Taking a Different Line - A Modern Museum

Year 4: Filling a Space
Year 4: Pictures from Stitches - Stitching Icarus
Year 4: Capturing the light in your still life
Year 4: Make your own mosaic
Year 4: Big things far away

Year 5: Feeling big and small with architecture
Year 5: Dancing Antelopes
Year 5: Potato Printing
Year 5: William Hogarth

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