Year 2 Maths

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Dicey Addition


Review a few things about addition

Get Ready

You will need:


Give your child a pencil and a sheet of paper. Now have her roll the dice. She should say aloud the numbers she has rolled and then write them as an equation on her paper. For example, if she rolls a 6 and a 4, she writes (and reads aloud): 6 + 4.

Now have her add the numbers together. If she needs to, your child can count the dots on the dice to add the numbers. 6 + 4 = 10.

When she finds the correct sum, she turns the number card representing that sum face down. When she finds that 6 + 4 is 10, she will turn the number card for 10 face down. When all the number cards from 2 to 12 have been turned face down, the game is over. (You can also adapt this game to include two or more players.)

Go a Little Further

Use three dice and number cards from 2 to 18 and have your child add the numbers together to find the larger sums. She should first add two numbers, and then add the third number.

This activity is adapted from page 255 of What Your Year 2 Child Needs to Know, which can be purchased here.

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