Year 2 Maths

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How Much? Maths Money Problems

One pound is 100 pence

Did you know that one pound is also the same as 100 pence? Here is the way you write one pound, using numbers and the pound sign: £1.00

£1.00 is worth the same as 100 pence, and we can write that like this:
£1.00 = 100p.

You can write amounts of money using the pence sign (p) or the pound sign (£). When you write an amount of money with a pound sign, the numbers to the right of the little dot (called a ‘decimal point’) are pence. For example:
£1.50 is 1 pound and 50 pence.
£2.98 is 2 pounds and 98 pence.


You can write amounts less than a pound with a pound sign or a pence sign: £0.89 = 89p.

How much does the toy bus cost in the picture? How would you write 95p using a pound sign instead?

Counting in 20p Coins

Now let's try some harder problems while counting with 20p coins. Remember: two 20p coins make 40p, and three 20p coins make 60p, four 20p coins make 80p and five 20p pieces make £1.00.

When you count 20p coins, you count in 20s. Practise counting in 20s to 100:
20, 40, 60, 80, 100

Now let’s look at some word problems:

Henry wants to buy an orange juice at the school cafeteria. It costs 80p. His mother gives him 20p coins to pay for the orange juice. How many 20p coins does she give him?

Mr. Jones buys a newspaper. It costs 40p. He gives the newsagent a one-pound coin. The man gives him 20p coins for change. How many 20p coins does he give Mr. Jones? (Hint: Solve the subtraction problem first: 100p – 40p, then work out how many 20p coins you need to make up your answer to the subtraction problem.)

This activity is adapted from pages 264 - 266 of What Your Year 2 Child Needs to Know, which can be purchased here.

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