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A Walk in the Woods - The Woodland Habitat

woodland habitat

Imagine you're walking through a beautiful wood. Oak and birch trees stand tall around you. Their highest branches reach upward and form a leafy canopy, which makes it cool and shady for you as you walk along below.

What's that tap-tap-tapping sound? It's a bird called a woodpecker. Woodpeckers peck into the trunks of old trees, looking for insects to eat. The woodpecker lives in this woodland habitat.

A squirrel scampers up a tree. The squirrel also lives in this woodland habitat. Squirrels build nests in the tree branches and gather acorns from the oak trees in the autumn.

What's that large, furry creature darting through the undergrowth? It's a fox! There's also a badger peeping out from behind a tree - look at his black, white and grey fur. He's quite a heavy creature, with short little legs that he uses to dig out his underground home, which is called a badger sett. Badgers eat grubs and worms, as well as mice and even birds. Badgers may look harmless, but don't go near them - they have lots of sharp claws at the end of their stubby little legs, and will attack anyone they think is threatening them.

Ooh, what's that sticky stuff on your face? You've walked into the threads of a spider web, strung across your path. Spiders weave their webs where insects fly, hoping to trap some flies for dinner. Yummy!

Down on the woodland floor, the leaves fall and pile up. Beetles and other animals eat the leaves. Along comes a mouse, which eats the beetles, then the mouse gets eaten by a fox - which will eat pretty much anything! You've got to eat to live. Not just you, but every living thing needs food to survive. Plants make their own food out of sunshine, air, water and nutrients from the soil in which they grow. But animals can't do that. Animals eat other living things, including plants and other animals. Big animals may eat little ones. And when the big animal dies, it may be eaten by little animals. All this eating is called the food chain, which you can learn more about in What Your Year 2 Child Needs to Know.

Woodpeckers, squirrels, badgers, spiders, beetles, mice, foxes - all these animals and many, many more live in the woodland habitat. For their homes and food, they depend upon the plants and other animals that live in the wood with them.

This activity is adapted from pages 287 -288 of What Your Year 2 Child Needs to Know, which can be purchased here.

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