Year 4 Visual Arts

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Big things far away

leaning tower of pisa

Get a friend and a digital camera and go to where you can see a local landmark, like a clock tower or a historic building. Get your friend to stand so that when you look through the camera it seems as if your friend is leaning up against the landmark and is just as big as it, or you could make it seem as if your friend is holding the landmark between finger and thumb. If the moon is out – it doesn’t have to be full – you could also try the second trick with that. Hold up a coin beside the moon so it looks the same size to the camera.

Now have a think. Small things near you can look the same size as big things far away. You are mixing up the foreground with the middle ground and background. Why? If an artist did this, it would be to make you laugh when you saw the picture. If you didn’t want people to laugh, then you would want to balance the foreground, middle ground and background so that people could tell which was which.

This activity is adapted from pages 183 of What Your Year 4 Child Needs to Know, which can be purchased here.

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