Year 5 Maths

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Information, or data, is often given to us in numbers. Sometimes those numbers are used to make pictures, called graphs, that can help us understand the numbers.

A bar graph is a good way to show different amounts. Charlie kept track of how much rain fell each day for a week in York. Here is his table of data that we will use to make a bar graph.


Along the bottom of the graph we write the days of the week. Along the side of the graph we choose a convenient way to show the millimetres of rain: in intervals of 2 millimetres. We title the graph, label the information along the bottom and the sides and draw a bar to show each day’s rainfall.


You can see right away from this graph that there was far more rain on Thursday than on any other day. How much more rain was there on Thursday than on Friday? 24 - 7 = 17 mm. So there were 17 mm more rain on Thursday than on Friday. On which day was there no rain?

A line graph can show how amounts or numbers change.

This activity is adapted from page 282 of What Your Year 5 Child Needs to Know, which can be purchased here.