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Year 6 History and Geography

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World Geography: The United States of America

Think about the word ‘united’. What do you think it means? You may have heard it before; some football teams have the word ‘united’ in their name. United means ‘joined together’. North America has many states within it. A state is similar to a country; some of the states in America are bigger than the UK. If we put these two words together, we get United States. Now we can see that the United States of America is made up of many different states that have joined together to create one nation.

You can see from the map below that there are 48 states in North America. Alaska and Hawaii are also part of the United States, so there are 50 states in the USA altogether. The states you can see on the map have not always been united in the way they are today. The history of the United States is complex; battles and wars have been fought over land and power.

In 1776, the thirteen British colonies in North America decided to break away from British rule and they formed the United States of America. At first, this new nation was made up only of the thin strip of thirteen states running down America’s Atlantic coastline. During the years that followed, the United States of America rapidly took on new lands. We call this expansion. In 1803, the country doubled in size when President Thomas Jefferson bought a large area of land from France’s leader Napoleon Bonaparte for $15 million in a deal named the Louisiana Purchase. Explorers began to venture into these new lands, recording what they discovered and making their way to the Pacific Ocean. People built towns and cities in this new land.


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