Year 6 Maths


maths owl

One year not long ago, the United Kingdom sold goods to the rest of the world worth 124,182,000,000. That's one hundred and twenty-four billion, one hundred and eighty-two million pounds!

You should already know about thousands and millions. Billions may be new to you. A billion is the same as a thousand million. A billion is a very large number. If you counted out one number a second, it would take you more than thirty years to count to one billion.

In our number system, groups of three digits are separated by commas. The commas are optional but they make it easier to read a number. Each group contains three columns: a hundreds column, tens column and ones column. Sometimes these columns are called places.


Practise writing and reading large numbers. How would you write four hundred and eleven billion? How would you read 32,401,175,013?

This activity is adapted from pages 208 of What Your Year 6 Child Needs to Know.