Year 6 Maths


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When you want to indicate a part of an integer, you can use a fraction or you can use a decimal. For example, one way to write five and a half is to use a fraction: 51/2. Another way is to use a decimal point: 5.5

The first place to the right of the decimal point is the tenths place; the second place is the hundredths place; the third place is the thousandths place. The fourth place to the right of the decimal point is the ten-thousandths place.

Places to the right of the decimal point are called decimal places. When a number has four decimal places, you read the decimal places in ten-thousandths. 0.5672 is read 'five thousand, six hundred and seventy-two ten-thousandths'. People often read decimals in a shorter way. You can read 0.5672 as 'point five six seven two'. You can read 18.289 as 'eighteen point two eight nine'.

Learn to give the value of a digit in a decimal in numbers or in words. In 0.6926, the value of the 6 is 0.6 or six tenths; the value of the nine is 0.09 or nine hundredths; the value of the 2 is 0.002 or two thousandths; the value of the 8 is 0.0008 or eight ten-thousandths. You could write this decimal in expanded form, like this:

This activity is adapted from pages 229 of What Your Year 6 Child Needs to Know.