Year 6 Science

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Classifying Organisms

Scientists who study living things, or organisms, use classifications. One of the features scientists look at when they want to classify an organism is how it gets its food. Plants usually make their own food from sunlight, water and air, while animals do not. Also, animals can usually move themselves around, while plants cannot. Based on features like these, scientists have classified living things into large groups called kingdoms.

The first two kingdoms that scientists agreed on are the plant and animal kingdoms. Within these large kingdoms we can classify organisms into smaller groups. For instance, we put all flowering plants in one large group and all non-flowering plants into another. We put all animals that have hair and give milk into one class and all animals that have feathers and beaks into another.

This activity is adapted from page 298 of What Your Year 6 Child Needs to Know, which will soon be available from our shop, here.