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The Core Knowledge UK Image Library - Year 5

In the image library, you will find a wide range of Core Knowledge UK images that have been used in the Core Knowledge UK resource book series. We welcome your use of these images with your pupils, such as on your interactive whiteboards, in your activities or on your worksheets.

Here is a sample of images from the What Your Year 5 Child Needs to Know resource book. Click on the thumbnail photos below to access the full-sized images, then right-click on the full-sized images to copy or save them.

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History and Geography

History and Geography: Maps, Mountains and Regions of Britain

yr5hg_northsouthpole.jpg yr5hg_greenwichline.jpg yr5hg_mapscale.jpg yr5hg_walesreliefmap.jpg yr5hg_contourmap.jpg
yr5hg_mountainsmap.jpg yr5hg_otziiceman.jpg yr5hg_everest1948.jpg yr5hg_eastenglandmap.jpg yr5hg_midlandsmap.jpg
yr5hg_yorkshirehumbermap.jpg yr5hg_questionsonregions.jpg yr5hg_newzealandmap.jpg yr5hg_australiamap.jpg yr5hg_captaincookmap.jpg

History and Geography: Islam and British History

yr5hg_imammosqueiran.jpg yr5hg_spreadofislammap.jpg yr5hg_cordobamosque.jpg yr5hg_kingwilliamII.jpg yr5hg_queenanne.jpg
yr5hg_kinggeorgeI.jpg yr5hg_bonnieprincecharlie.jpg yr5hg_HMSVictory.jpg yr5hg_declarationofindependence.jpg yr5hg_napoleonbonaparte.jpg
yr5hg_marconi.jpg yr5hg_ginlanehogarth.jpg

Visual Arts

Visual Arts: Light, Space, Perspective and Design

yr5va_WatteauPilgrimage.jpg yr5va_ColourWheel.jpg yr5va_LightTriad.jpg yr5va_vanDoesburg.jpg yr5va_CourtofLions.jpg
yr5va_AfricanHeaddress.jpg yr5va_IndustryandIdleness.jpg yr5va_IndustryandIdleness2.jpg yr5va_ToulouseLautrec.jpg


Music: Notation and The Orchestra

yr5msc_Twinkle.jpg yr5msc_Stave.jpg yr5msc_Forte.jpg yr5msc_Piano.jpg yr5msc_Orchestra.jpg

Music: Some Songs for Year 5

yr5msc_AuldLangSyne.jpg yr5msc_LochLomond.jpg yr5msc_SkyeBoatSong.jpg yr5msc_SkyeBoatSong.jpg yr5msc_HeartofOak.jpg


Mathematics: Fractions, Angles and Geometry

yr5ma_nets1.jpg yr5ma_nets2.jpg yr5ma_plottingpoints.jpg yr5ma_angles.jpg yr5ma_fractions1.jpg
yr5ma_fractions2.jpg yr5ma_fractions3.jpg yr5ma_placevalue.jpg yr5ma_quadrilaterals.jpg yr5ma_triangle1.jpg
yr5ma_triangle2.jpg yr5ma_triangle3.jpg


Science: The Human Body, Earth and Matter

yr5sci_heartdiagram.jpg yr5sci_circulatorysystem.jpg yr5sci_weightearthmoon.jpg yr5sci_waterbottle.jpg yr5sci_milkvolume.jpg
yr5sci_lungsdiagram.jpg yr5sci_drawingatoms.jpg yr5sci_volcano.jpg yr5sci_electriccircuits.jpg yr5sci_earthquaketsunami.jpg
yr5sci_earthlayers.jpg yr5sci_atmosphere.jpg yr5sci_charlesdarwinfinches.jpg

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