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The Core Knowledge UK Image Library - Year 4
Language and Literature

In the image library, you will find a wide range of Core Knowledge UK images that have been used in the Core Knowledge UK resource book series. We welcome your use of these images with your pupils, such as on your interactive whiteboards, in your activities or on your worksheets.

Here is a sample of images from the What Your Year 4 Child Needs to Know resource book. Click on the thumbnail photos below to access the full-sized images, then right-click on the full-sized images to copy or save them.

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Language and Literature

Language and Literature: Poetry and Stories

y4ll_forwantofanail.jpg y4ll_ColonelFazackerleyButterworthToast.jpg y4ll_eletelephony.jpg y4ll_ducksditty.jpg y4ll_AliceinWonderland1.jpg
y4ll_AliceinWonderland2.jpg y4ll_AliceinWonderland3.jpg y4ll_AliceinWonderland4.jpg y4ll_AliceinWonderland5.jpg y4ll_AliceinWonderland6.jpg
y4ll_AliceinWonderland7.jpg y4ll_AliceinWonderland8.jpg y4ll_AliceinWonderland9.jpg y4ll_AliceinWonderland10.jpg y4ll_AliceinWonderland11.jpg
y4ll_AliceinWonderland12.jpg y4ll_AliceinWonderland13.jpg y4ll_crocodilecarroll.jpg y4ll_aladdin.jpg y4ll_alibaba40thieves.jpg
y4ll_thelittlematchgirl.jpg y4ll_williamtell.jpg y4ll_FinnMacCool.jpg y4ll_HuntingoftheGreatBear.jpg

Language and Literature: Myths from Ancient Greece

y4ll_odin.jpg y4ll_thor.jpg y4ll_sifloki.jpg y4ll_lokibrokk.jpg y4ll_jasongoldenfleece.jpg
y4ll_jasongoldenfleece2.jpg y4ll_PerseusandMedusa.jpg y4ll_PerseusandMedusa2.jpg y4ll_orpheus.jpg y4ll_theswordofdamocles.jpg
y4ll_DamonPythias.jpg y4ll_horatius.jpg

Language and Literature: Learning about Language

y4ll_paragraph.jpg y4ll_letter.jpg y4ll_mainsubordinateclause.jpg y4ll_sentence.jpg y4ll_nouns.jpg
y4ll_justsaynoonce.jpg y4ll_prefixes.jpg y4ll_suffixes.jpg y4ll_homophones.jpg y4ll_homophones2.jpg

Language and Literature: Familiar Sayings

y4ll_actionsspeaklouderthanwords.jpg y4ll_Beggarscantbechoosers.jpg y4ll_Afeatherinyourcap.jpg y4ll_Cleanbillofhealth.jpg y4ll_ruletheroost.jpg
y4ll_Astitchintimesavesnine.jpg y4ll_Theshowmustgoon.jpg y4ll_touchandgo.jpg y4ll_coldshoulder.jpg

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