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The Core Knowledge UK Image Library - Year 4

In the image library, you will find a wide range of Core Knowledge UK images that have been used in the Core Knowledge UK resource book series. We welcome your use of these images with your pupils, such as on your interactive whiteboards, in your activities or on your worksheets.

Here is a sample of images from the What Your Year 4 Child Needs to Know resource book. Click on the thumbnail photos below to access the full-sized images, then right-click on the full-sized images to copy or save them.

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History and Geography

History and Geography: Maps, Europe

world map review y4hg_mapireland.jpg y4hg_mapMediterraneanEurope.jpg y4hg_mapEasternEurope.jpg y4hg_maplondonSEengland.jpg
school map y4hg_mapNIireland.jpg roman empire map

History and Geography: Rome, The Lives of Romans and Constantinople

y4hg_centurybox.jpg y4hg_romangods.jpg y4hg_hannibalelephants.jpg y4hg_hannibalcarthage.jpg y4hg_caesarcleopatra.jpg
y4hg_romancalendar.jpg y4hg_romanwaterworks.jpg y4hg_pompeii1.jpg y4hg_pompeii2.jpg y4hg_pompeii3.jpg
y4hg_romantimeline.jpg y4hg_mosaicjesus.jpg y4hg_hagiasophia.jpg

History and Geography: British History

y4hg_stuartmonarchs.jpg y4hg_tax.jpg y4hg_charlesI.jpg y4hg_cavalierroundheads.jpg y4hg_battleofnaseby.jpg
y4hg_1666londonfire.jpg y4hg_puddinglane.jpg y4hg_jamesII.jpg y4hg_maryofmodena.jpg y4hg_francisdrake.jpg

Visual Arts

Visual Arts: Light, Space, Perspective and Design

yr4va_themilkmaid.jpg yr4va_thesupperatemmaus.jpg yr4va_belshazzarsfeast.jpg yr4va_TheFightingTemeraire.jpg yr4va_mosaictheodora.jpg
yr4va_thegleaners1.jpg yr4va_thegleaners2.jpg yr4va_bigthingsfaraway.jpg yr4va_peasantwedding.jpg yr4va_usingacolourwheel.jpg
yr4va_icarus.jpg yr4va_tracing.jpg yr4va_trajanscolumn.jpg


Music: Folk, Classical and Writing Music Down

y2msc_musicnotes.jpg mozart y4msc_musicalnotes.jpg y4msc_trebleclef.jpg y4msc_rhythmsyllables.jpg
y4msc_instruments.jpg y4msc_brassinstruments.jpg y4msc_woodwindinstruments.jpg

Music: Some Songs for Year 4

y4msc_allthroughthenight.jpg y4msc_annielaurie.jpg y4msc_londonsburning.jpg y4msc_onikleymoorbahtat.jpg y4msc_indublinsfaircity.jpg
y4msc_aikendrum.jpg y4msc_alouette.jpg


Mathematics: Decimals, Multiplication, Division, Fractions

y4maths_numbers.jpg y4maths_numbers2.jpg y4maths_ColumnAddition.jpg y4maths_multiplication.jpg y4maths_squarenumbers.jpg
y4maths_squarenumbers2.jpg y4maths_multiplication2.jpg y4maths_division.jpg fractions 4 y4maths_fractions.jpg
y4maths_decimals.jpg y4maths_decimals2.jpg

Mathematics: Time, Units, Angles

y4maths_24hrtime.jpg y4maths_graph.jpg y4maths_vertexside.jpg y4maths_metric.jpg y4maths_imperial.jpg
y4maths_ruler.jpg y4maths_liquids.jpg


Science: Ecosystems and the Human Body

yr4sci_ecology.jpg yr4sci_pond.jpg yr4sci_ecosystem.jpg yr4sci_skeleton.jpg yr4sci_insideyourbones.jpg
yr4sci_brain.jpg yr4sci_brain2.jpg yr4sci_lenses.jpg yr4sci_prismlight.jpg yr4sci_eyeball.jpg
yr4sci_eyeball2.jpg yr4sci_earcs.jpg

Science: The Solar System

yr4sci_solarsystem.jpg yr4sci_solarsystem2.jpg yr4sci_solarsystem3.jpg yr4sci_mooncycle.jpg yr4sci_solareclipse.jpg
yr4sci_solareclipse2.jpg yr4sci_solareclipse3.jpg

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