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The Core Knowledge UK Image Library - Year 1

In the image library, you will find a wide range of Core Knowledge UK images that have been used in the Core Knowledge UK resource book series. We welcome your use of these images with your pupils, such as on your flipcharts and smartboards and in your activities and worksheets.

Here is a sample of images from the What Your Year 1 Child Needs to Know resource book. Click on the thumbnail photos below to access the full-sized images, then right-click on the full-sized images to copy or save them.

Language and Literature


girl reading - language and literature cover image handwriting - capitals handwriting - lower case

Literature: Poetry, Aesop's Fables, Stories

little miss muffet lion and the mouse little pig 1 little pig 2 little pig 3
goldilocks goldilocks 2 king's ears little red hen little red hen 2
chicken little little red riding hood little red riding hood 2 tug of war king midas and the golden touch 1
king midas and the golden touch 2 snow white and the seven dwarfs snow white velveteen rabbit velveteen rabbit 2
saint george and the dragon king arthur drawing sword

History and Geography

World History and Geography

children exploring histroy and geography - cover image globe world map world map no labels compass points
compass activity uk flower map asia map europe map africa map
north america map south america map australia map antartica map

British History and Geography

uk flower map closeup union jack diagram ice age map cave painting cave painting
stonehenge stonehenge the battersea shield - iron age romans arriving in Britain kings and queens
king john giving his seal to the magna carta simon de montfort

Visual Arts

girl painting - visual arts cover image crayons collage different kinds of lines king charles statue
hedgehog sculpture oliver cromwell statue


children playing instruments - music cover image cartoon of girl playing many instruments bear went over the mountain


Patterns and Classifications

girl with calendar - maths cover image sorting items sorting items 2 shapes shape train
potato prints potato prints 2

Numbers and Number Sense: Numbers, Counting, Money, Computation

writing numerals - handwriting chart counting game coins money bingo addition with crayons


measurement measuring with paperclips heavy light scene inside house scene outside house


Plants and Plant Growth

boy potting a plant - science cover image plants growing in hot / wet vs. hot / dry places pond life parts of plants stages of a bean growing
watch a seed grow activity

Seasons and Weather

four seasons two types of trees wind experiment snowflakes make a snowflake

The Human Body, Taking Care of the Earth, Magnetism

five senses recycling logo magnetism