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The Core Knowledge UK Image Library - Year 3

In the image library, you will find a wide range of Core Knowledge UK images that have been used in the Core Knowledge UK resource book series. We welcome your use of these images with your pupils, such as on your interactive whiteboards, in your activities or on your worksheets.

Here is a sample of images from the What Your Year 3 Child Needs to Know resource book. Click on the thumbnail photos below to access the full-sized images, then right-click on the full-sized images to copy or save them.

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History and Geography

History and Geography: Maps, Europe, Rivers

world map review western europe river rhine monet sunrise english towns
sketch map rivers and towns rivers north humber estuary great rivers of the world map
river terms

History and Geography: Civilisations in Asia, Ancient Greece

asia map ramayana ramayana 2 ramayana 3 asoka
confucius terracotta army the great wall of china silk loom chinese new year
marco polo 1 marco polo 2 japan map samurai greek vase
ancient greece map thermopylae map pericles democracy greek alphabet alexander empire

History and Geography: British History

william the conquerer norman monarchs Henry II thomas becket crusades
magna carta Henry III parliament Richard III bosworth plantagenet monarchs Elizabeth I
francis drake tudor monarchs

Visual Arts

Visual Arts: Lines, Movement, Symmetry and Still Life

activity 1 great wave the last supper activity 2 bentheim castle
activity 3 apollo and daphne activity 4 activity 5 parthenon symmetry
the great stupa guggenheim bilbao scottish parliament debating chamber


Music: Folk, Classical and Writing Music Down

folk music mozart vivaldi bach beethoven
notes for twinkle twinkle little star scale notes scale 2

Music: Some Songs for Year 3

clementine bobby shaftoe my grandfather's clock oranges and lemons who killed cock robin?
the happy wanderer


Mathematics: Counting, Sums and Fractions

counting in twos and threes graphs number line numberline 2 sum of 10
footballs footballs 2 fractions 1 fractions 2 fractions 3
fractions 4 ruler

Mathematics: Shapes, Lines and Symmetry

flat shapes congruent shapes interior exterior perimeter 3D shapes
3D shapes 2 lines lines 2 lines 3 lines 4
symmetry symmetry 2 multiplication


Science: The Cycle of Life and Insects

egg life cycle chicken life cycle frog water cycle clouds
insects insect diagram 1 insect diagram 2 lifecycle butterfly lifecycle grasshopper
bees bees 2

Science: The Human Body, Magnets and Simple Machines

cells muscles digestive system magnetic field magnet experiment
magnet experiment 2 screw hammer levers levers 2 wheels
gears inclined planes eureka earth spinning archimedes screw
pulley screws louis pasteur

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