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Reviews: Year 1

Testimonies for the Resource Book What Your Year 1 Child Needs to Know

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An excellent read which finds the middle ground in the English Education system between fact-based learning and critical thinking-skills. Once started you never want to put it down and may be tempted to take it wherever you go with your child! It is full of activities which complement what the child learns at school in year 1 and require few or no resources—except the book! Fabulous pictures, stories, poems and information texts to look at with your child; easy to find something which fits in with the busy before-and-after school schedule or can even be done in the car, and most activities can be also enjoyed by older and younger children too. A great resource for a busy parent who wants to help their child progress at school but is not sure where to start. Also ideal for a teacher just starting with a year 1 class or a nanny or would be especially good for home-schoolers.
—Primary Teacher and Parent, Hertfordshire, UK

We particularly enjoyed the history and geography sections in the year one book. ...[The book] has really fired our son's enthusiasm for history. The geography section was also excellent. In his end of term reports, the teacher commented that our son's knowledge of the world is excellent. I think that it is largely down to your book. I look forward to receiving book two.
—Parent, Wiltshire, UK

This book is an extremely useful resource for parents who are interested in encouraging their child's learning. The sections on Maths and Science in particular include some brilliant ideas for activities to do, which are simple and easy enough to do at home. Additionally, the book is written so that no prior knowledge by the parent is required so, for example, sections such as Music or History can be used without the parent needing to be an expert in that area. All in all, for a parent who is enthusiastic about enriching their child's education, this thoroughly does the job.
—Parent, London, UK

The book is full of stories, poems, explanations, activities, games and experiments, together with recommendations for outings and further reading. It is attractively produced with many illustrations, diagrams and photos. Each section is written in a style suitable to be read aloud by a parent to a child. The book is not intended to be a complete curriculum nor a textbook or workbook, but is designed to be used by parents wishing to complement and reinforce their child's school education. It will also serve as a practical help and confidence-builder for parents considering or embarking on home education. Civitas has provided a valuable service in publishing a UK edition.
—Home Educator and Parent, Twickenham, UK

What I liked, a lot, were the stories, poems and literary resources that take up a lot of the book. There are lots of familiar classics, with the proper drawings, and it's a great resource of the type of thing that is good for children around this age. ...It certainly would give the unsure parent something to base their own ideas around, and fill the days when inspiration doesn't strike. As a starting point for what to consider as base knowledge, it's pretty comprehensive, and definitely worth the £12 or so that's being charged for it.
—Home Educator and Parent, Suffolk, UK

'Can we do the book?' asks my granddaughter when I pick her up from school. I have found it provides fascinating sessions with her that are obviously interesting and enjoyable for us both. So far we have sorted all my socks into various groups, stripes, colours, spots; are growing some pumpkin seeds; have made a weather vane; played with lots of shapes and sizes of cut out card; done some measuring; looked at continents and points of the compass and read lots of stories and poems. The book is very well arranged into subject topics and there are excellent instructions for preparing what one needs. I look forward to using the next book in the series.
—Grandparent, Surrey, UK