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Reviews: Year 2

Testimonies for the Resource Book What Your Year 2 Child Needs to Know

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Creativity, the arts and design are crucial to the environment and life of every citizen. They should occupy a central place in the curriculum at both primary and secondary levels. The new series published by Civitas, giving examples of how the arts and creativity can play a part in the education of every child, is a real contribution to the teaching of these subjects in all our schools.
—Sir Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate Britain

Following the success of the book covering Year 1, Year 2 is an equally comprehensive look at the curriculum for the year. The series answers a question common to many parents, who are bewildered by the curriculum and want to know exactly what should be covered each year, whether they are home educating or their child is in school. By far the biggest section is Language and Literature which has an extensive and very useful selection of texts in a variety of genres; surprisingly, maths is much smaller. History and geography, Visual Arts, Music and Science are also included - it's excellent to see guidance for these oft-overlooked subjects The book is packed with supporting activities, which are clearly explained and fun to do. The presentation is excellent - it is very readable and approachable, either to read through or to dip into as the occasion calls (better still, do both, so you have read the book and know how it can help when a specific topic arises). The colourful illustrations add to the appeal and there are also extra resources listed. An excellent support for children in Year 2.
Parents in Touch, UK

You certainly have done my Grandfather's illustrations justice! Thank you. Incidently you might be interested to know that he used his son, my uncle, Edward Folkard as his model for the young Pinocchio!!
—Mike Townesend, Grandson of Charles Folkard who illustrated Pinocchio (pages 86 -92 of the resource book), UK

It is very attractively produced and clearly full of good things, and a good model of how one can put a lot of information across without it all appearing intimidating. I do congratulate you.
—Senior Lecturer in History, UK

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