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Reviews: Year 3

Testimonies for the Resource Book What Your Year 3 Child Needs to Know

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A strong foundation of knowledge gained in the earliest years of education is such an important asset for children, sparking their imagination and providing the cornerstone for their future learning. I welcome the aim of the Core Knowledge books to do just that and I am sure that they will be valued by many parents wishing to help their children do well at school.
—Munira Mirza, Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture for London

This really is turning into an invaluable series. They are for everyone, whether home educating or with children in school, who wants to know what their child should be learning in each primary school year. Language and literature, the arts, history and geography, maths and science are all covered. The topic could be dry and boring - but far from it. The writing style is lively and engaging and the book is full of illustrations cartoons and practical examples. The references back to earlier books are a useful feature for consolidation. Not just what you should cover, but plenty of teaching material as well, for example poems and extracts from books, mean this book is a great resource to use through the year. Don't be intimidated - you can dip into this and use just what you need - it's simple to navigate and full of practical advice. An excellent buy - highly recommended.
Parents in Touch, UK

I am a home educating parent and ex-primary school teacher. I have recently ordered the year 3 book and think it is a breath of fresh air. It is so helpful for a home educating parent to be able to have so much quality information in one easy to use book. I love it! I have spent a small fortune over the years on books for home educating and really wish I had had access to this earlier.
—Lisa Riley, Home Educator and Parent, UK

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