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Year 5 History and Geography

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Geography of the Midlands

Midlands Map

Midlands means ‘land in the middle’, so we are talking about a region away from the sea in the centre of England. The Midlands are in the ‘middle’ of England. There is no coastline for you to look for, so you might need to look for place names, mountains or big rivers on your map to help you find it.

Can you find Birmingham on the map?

The biggest city in the Midlands is Birmingham Millions of people live there and there are many shops and businesses. Land Rovers are made in Solihull and Cadbury’s chocolate is made in Bournville. There are lots of roads leading to Birmingham.

Like in East Anglia, there is a canal that runs all the way from London to Birmingham. This canal is the longest in Britain and is called The Grand Union Canal. A long time ago people used the canal to transport goods, but now it is used by people enjoying their holidays. Why do you think businesses no longer use the canal to transport goods?

What kind of jobs do people have in the Midlands?

The Midlands has many businesses because so many useful resources can be found there. Resources are anything you can use to make or do something. Iron and coal are found underground and people can dig them out to use them. This is called. mining. In the Midlands, people have been mining for many years. Coal and iron are both very important for making things which helped businesses to grow in the Midlands. Coal can be burned to make electricity which we use every day. There are not many mines left in England now, but there is one near Nottingham, in Edwinstowe.

Can you find the city of Derby on the map? Rolls-Royce makes engines for aeroplanes in a factory in Derby. Over 11 thousand people work here, some on the aeroplane engines and some on submarines.

Did you know?

William Shakespeare, Britain’s best-known writer, came from Stratford-upon-Avon, south of Birmingham. Robin Hood, so the story says, lived in Sherwood Forest, outside Nottingham. The Wars of the Roses ended in the Midlands when Richard III died at the Battle of Bosworth Field.

This information has been adapted from pages 88-89 of What Your Year 5 Child Needs to Know, which can be purchased here.